March 11, 2009

i am alive

So i just wanted to post real quick. i don't want you all to think i have abandoned my blog. Honestly, so much is going on right now, i can not even find the right words to say. Master and i are fine, things are just really stressful right now. Remember that dark gray cloud of a situation? Well, we are just trying to deal with that. When all of it is over, i will gladly share about it. Anyways, thanks for all the support guys! It's much appreciated!!

Oh, and check out my new babies!! :) Their names are Abby (the bigger one) and Bella (the little one) These are chaweenies!! Only the cutest dogs in the entire world ;) They love the baby, they are gentle, oh and Master (Mr. i want a big huge big manly man dog!!!) LOVES them :) He wont admit it, but He does...

Oh, and i am predicting that every man in the world is going to want a Chaweenie..... seriously. What man doesn't want a cute, small little dog to attract the ladies, AND what man can go around asking women if they want to pet his chaweenie!?!? Well guys... that's my prediction! :) lol. i will post more pictures soon!! They are soooo adorable! Thank you Master for allowing me to have such adorable dogs ;) hehe!

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