April 14, 2009

we're gonna make it after all!

Go figure. i am all ready sitting here with tears falling from my face. My heart is so heavy and broken. The big gray cloud? Well, let's just say things with that situation has taken a turn for the worst. Nothing makes sense, and it really honestly feels like Master and i didn't even get a chance. Now, we find ourselves struggling more than ever before. Everyone is saying "justice will be served" or "everything happens for a reason" or "good always prevails" and "God has a plan for this, and everything will work out all right" Master and i have wanted to believe what people are saying, but at this point all we can do is surrender everything and be at the mercy of a court who seem to only want to say F you.

Oh, how i wish i could just spill here. i wish, behind the "Secret" identity, i could just write everything out, but unfortunately, due to the nature of what is going on, i can not. i could really use the support from all of you who read this. i am so thankful for being raised in a Christian home where at least Hope and Faith have always been talked about. Right now, Master and i are so low on both. i know we need to be strong, especially for the children, but it's proving to be harder and harder

Master, i want You to know that i am here for You. i want You to know that You and i have made it through some tough times. Sure, nothing near as tough as this. Sure, nothing that ever came close to ruining our family like this has. There is nothing You and i cant walk through together. Our bond and love is too strong to crumble in a situation like this. We can make it through anything.