May 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

i am so proud of myself! Check out this amazing loaf of bread i made all by myself this morning :) yum!!! It's quite amazing if you ask me ;) haha.

So Master and i moved on Monday (great way to celebrate the holiday actually!) We are getting situated in the new house...yes house! :) It's great to have the baby out of our room now, but he's having issues sleeping the whole night through because he's by himself now, and it's a strange room (no less filled with boxes and furniture stacked floor to ceiling!)

It's actually pretty humorous because the first night, Master and i got the baby down, and then we laid down in our bed, and guess what we did!?!? We whispered! Seriously. Habit i guess :) i started laughing to myself because it's funny how being a parent to a little one changes you.

Master and i are excited to get settled in here. It's beautiful! The landlord came by yesterday to ask us about the deck we are going to be building on the house :) I cant wait! i am really hoping this is a fresh start, a new beginning, and that soon, things will just work out and go back to normal.

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