September 11, 2009

Woah Life is Changing!

All right guys! So things have been weird. First of all, i got a new job :) i will be a nanny again! And the cool thing is this family is super laid back, and the kids are adorable! The parents told me their kids don't open up easily, yet, as soon as i met them, they chatted me up, and then the one hugged me before i left! It was cute :)

So what about working at the bar? Well, the goal is to continue working there as well as nanny. Of course, if i hit burn out mode, the bar will be the job to go. i just think this could be a job for a while to get back ahead and back in control of finances. it will be nice to make a set paycheck each week, and some extra cash on the nights i close the bar. i am feeling really good about this all!

Also, the one thing that makes me nervous is i am still in school full time. So i just really need to stay organized and focus as two jobs, a baby, being a slave, and school is quite the load!

So what about Master? Well, Master is going to be staying at home with the baby while i work. We are anti- day care, and we have made whatever sacrifices necessary to keep one of us at home with him at all times. At night, when i get home (and the nights i don't work at the bar) Master will be training martial arts full time, and eventually opening His own gym. This will take about hmm, 6 months to a year.

Now what about future kids? Well..... here's the cool thing. Master and i have talked and we want to have more children when he is working at His own gym. This way, i don't worry about maternity leave and force myself to be back after 12 weeks! Not the plan i want whatsoever!

So these are the changes that have happened this week! i am so excited and love this new beginning. The only task i have to do before work on Monday is start car shopping!! Tehehe. i have never been one for changes, but i know this is what our family has to do. For some reason, this time around, i'm not feeling all uneasy.

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