April 27, 2010

Lucky to be Alive?

Today started out like any normal day. i kissed Master and my little man goodbye and headed out the door for work.

Well, on my way to work, i heard a loud nose and then heard metal scraping. i couldn't steer my car at all and was going about 50 miles per hour. i freaked out a little, but tried to remain calm as i tried to steer the car off the road ... which wasn't working too well. i was able to get my car to stop, but because i was unable to steer, i was stopped in the middle of the road. i started crying thinking i got a flat tire, and that i didn't know what the heck to do because i don't know how to change a tire!!! (That's what Master's are for, right?)

i just sobbed in my car, and this guy stops and comes to talk to me. He starts saying how lucky i am to be alive and all this other stuff. i was like, no Sir, you must be mistaking, i just have a flat tire. He laughed at me and told me to come look. No. It definitely wasn't a flat tire. The tire was fine.

Instead, my front axle and ball joint were laying on the road, and my tire was completely turned sideways. He explained to me that most people in this situation tend to crash and can be seriously hurt. All that did was make me freak out internally a little more. Lesson for every man out there:



So then i called my mom crying and freaking out, and she sent a tow truck on its way, and took care of everything for me because i just was not in the right state of mind. (pussy of me, i know!) Then the guy told me he had to leave to go to an appointment! i was like no wait! You cant just leave me here ha. Well, that's what i wanted to say, but he was off on his way :)

It was rather humiliating to just be standing on the side of the road pregnant and crying while on my phone while cars just drove by staring. What a great feeling that was! Needless to say, i was very thankful when my sister showed up and i could sit in the car with her and wait.

So the tow truck finally came, and the repair shop looked at my car first thing. i had my sister pick up Master and bring Him down to look at so He could better understand what was wrong. i just received the phone call that the car is going to cost us about $600 to replace the axle, ball joint, two new tires that were damaged, and a new alignment. Ughh. That's just what we need right now! Oh, and not to mention the tow itself was $100.

Now i am just stressing over that, and Master is trying to just reassure me, that things will work out, but i feel bad because He is wasting His precious breath telling me that (ha!). After all, i am pregnant and at a very emotional phase right now.

Oh well. Today i do feel lucky! The police officer said he gets calls about accidents that happen from things like this happening, and that i definitely had somebody looking out for me today. All i have to say is .... i guess my life is worth the $700 repair bill.... right Master? :-P

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