May 2, 2010

Landscaping can kiss my ass :)

Ever since Master and i moved into this house, i have had big dreams for what the front yard should look like. We are finally making progress on the front of the house, and today i begged Master to go to the store and get some stuff to tackle a garden and the front landscaping.

Now, i should explain i have never ever ever ever in my entire life done any sort of garden or landscaping task. i had no idea how much work was involved!! Honestly, if i knew what a task this was going to be, i wouldn't have begged to do it now because being pregnant prevents me from overdoing and pushing myself!

So, Master and i picked some flowers, loaded the soil, mulch, and tools into the vehicle, and headed home to put the kiddo down for a nap and enjoy some nice peaceful landscaping together :)

bahahahahahahaha. That fantasy was quickly ruined when Master handed me the ho (hoe?) and explained He was going to use the shovel to make the outside edges and for me to get to work. i grabbed the ho (hoe?) and stared blankly at Master and politely said, "ummm i don't know what a hoe does!" and then we both laughed as Master said "well kitten, that is a good thing!" Then, he proceeded to explain to me exactly what i was to do with it.

After five minutes, i swore my arms were going to fall off. Seriously. OMG! have you tried to use a ho(hoe?) to get rid of sod and grass?!?! This was the stupidest idea i have ever had in my life! haha.

i did pretty well though...and it was funny because our neighbors were making jokes about pregnancy labor laws and abuse ;) i am sure it was pretty comical for the people passing by because we live on a pretty busy street, and i am sure people were wondering what the hell this 6 and a half month pregnant lady was doing landscaping the yard haha.

i finally pooped out after a few hours.... and of course, Master had to finish the work for me. i am sure He didn't mind, but i could tell it was wearing Him out too. So i went inside and got a Him a glass of ice water, and heated Him up some left over pizza and went outside and fed it to Him :)

Unfortunately, our landscaping adventure is not finished thanks to the rain, and me being naive thinking it would be an easy task. ha!

Tomorrow morning (if Master and i can get our pathetic butts out of bed!) we will finish it (hopefully!)

i have some great plans for the area, so lets just hope everything goes according to plan :)

i took a few pictures of the before and "in progress" stages, so hopefully, when it's all done and looking great, i will post some pics.... until then? Let's just hope we can make it out of our bed in the morning! ha!

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