May 19, 2010

Missing Him

i am about to head to bed... without Master. i figured this whole going to bed without Him thing would get easier, but i actually found it easier to do the first night... and every night, it gets harder. i don't quite understand it, but i am seeking comfort in knowing He will be home and in bed soon.

i miss falling asleep to my body curled perfectly into His... His strong arms blanketing over my naked body... and His hand resting on my belly... bonding with our baby. The feeling of security i get from Master being next to me is something i cant put to words. All i know is that i miss it. Second shift can kiss my ass ;) hehe.

i know the little one misses His papa being here too. It's been so adorable. Tonight, the little one took Papa's hat upstairs to bed with him. It was too cute. i know this is an adjustment for everyone, Master included. i know we will make it, and i know we will settle into a routine that works for us.

All i know is i love my Master more than anything.... and i cant wait to snuggle into Him when He gets home in a few hours.

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