May 7, 2010

I need sex!

Welp! The title is pretty self explanatory! Ugh. Unfortunately, Master and i have had so much going on, we have not been able to enjoy and explore any intimacy lately. It's making me crazy!!

i am having an annoying pregnancy complication, and there is nothing i can do to fix it besides birthing... so that's just lovely. Still 12 weeks or so to go... blah. On the positive side, it's nothing that will impair my home birth... so yay for that! i guess i should just look on the bright side ;) It's just a little hard when your vagina feels like it's falling out, and you can barely walk because of the swelling and pain :( ugh.

Master was in a terribly grumpy mood last night! He wouldn't talk about why really, but i seriously think it had to do with His doctor's visit. Master has not been to a doctor's office as long as we have been together! He needed to go to the doctor for some help with His knees and getting a cortisone shot or two before He leaves (Oh yeah, i still need to blog about where He is going.. shit!) So, this doctor is pretty funny. He was saying how next to Master, He felt like a mosquito because of Master's physical fitness level and all. ha. The bad news was that for some reason, Master's blood pressure was high there, so they hooked Master up to this monitor that checks His blood pressure every thirty minutes at home for twenty four hours. *snickers* He is very annoyed. i tried to be supportive... you know... telling Him how sexy that blue cuff looks on His arm ;) but Master wasn't feeling it!

i figured i had better not push my luck, and decided to snuggle with Him last night while He watched a movie.

Hopefully, when He wakes up here soon, He is in a much better mood! After all, He gets the cuff machine taken off today... so He should be ;)

Oh, and i felt completely stupid because i attempted to finish the landscaping by myself last night, and i failed miserably. i could tell Master wanted to say so much more, but He was simply nice about it and said we would fix it over the weekend. Whoops! i was trying to make it easier for Him, and just get it finished, but what do you know? i make it more complicated and bring on more work ;) Seems to be a typical pattern in this house ha.

Everything else is going fine besides the lack of sex! Ugh. At the same time, i am so fearful to have sex due to the problem i am having down in my vaginal area. i really, really, really, really hope it gets better!!

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