May 22, 2010

One Happy Master

Last night's surprise went really well :) i was extremely nervous because well, it's been a long time since i have been able to really go out of my way to do something nice for Master. i was intimidated, and fearful for Him being too tired to want to do anything besides sleep!

So, last night i put the little one to bed, and had a sitter come over around midnight. i went upstairs, put on some makeup, put on a cute top, and grabbed Master an extra change of clothes, some tennis shoes, new socks, and His cologne because i knew He would refuse to go out in public right after work (And He still put up a fight with me even with the extra clothes and cologne!!)

Then, i got in the car, drove to His work, and picked Him up. He was looking at me all suspicious, giving me that weird "i am not sure i want to know what's going on" look, and then i handed Him the stuff and said... go ahead and change :) i'm kidnapping You for the night!

He was hesitant at first, and even argued He should shower first... but i explained i didn't care ;) and reminded Him that i brought the cologne for a reason!

i drove Him to the bar that i used to work at (of course, for this small town it was also the only place open!!) and i treated Him to some beer, shots, and hot wings :) haha. Many of my regulars were there, and they kept wanting to buy me shots... which, they obviously forgot i was pregnant... but they happily bought Master a shot instead ;)

Master really seemed to enjoy His night, and i was enjoying something a little not so mundane. i figured hey, Master hasn't had wings and beer in a while ;) why not? ha.

We got home and when we were in bed, i told Him not to worry... that i was getting up with the little one in the morning... and He could sleep in until whenever He needed to because we didn't have anything on the schedule.

He woke up at noon this morning!!!!!!!!! Seriously?!? Noon! haha. :) i was so happy He had a nice night out and some much needed sleep. i really hope He knows how loved He is... and how much i appreciate all the hard work He is doing for our family. It definitely does not go unnoticed :)

i feel like everything in our Universe is starting to align once again. i am so grateful to be staying at home taking care of the little one, and i am so grateful to be able to spend my days serving Master in a more intimate way besides "bringing home the bacon."

i honestly feel like the luckiest woman in the world right now, and i can not wait for our new bundle of joy to enter this world :) All the changes coming in these next few months are going to take some elasticity to adapt... but i have no doubt we are back on the path we need to be... and we still have love :)

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  1. I'm so glad that the surprise went well and that you were able to enjoy some fun time together! :) Being sneaky every once in a while is a good thing! ;)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)