May 27, 2010

Happy Ending

The other night Master came home from work and i was awake doing some research on the computer. i could tell He had a rough night at work, and He was evidently dead tired. We talked for a while before heading up to bed, and we quickly went to the normal sleep time position (me curled up with His body over mine, and His hand over me on my baby belly!)

i figured this would be a time to bring some sexual stuff back into our relationship. So, i rolled over, and began kissing Him, and worshiping His chest (which, gets us both worked up!) i felt Him get hard quickly, and then i began using my hand to tease a little. Master grabbed the back of my head and shoved me down quickly to take His hard cock in my mouth..... and......

i smiled and devoured the whole thing :) i could not get enough! i craved His cock in my throat, i craved the smell, the intimate connection, and the satisfaction that i was serving my Master in a way He needed.

i begged for His cum in my mouth, which He happily obliged to. i laid back down next to Him, all snuggled in His arms and just smiled at Him.

i am amazed at what an oral fixation i have. Seriously, never before in my life have i ever craved something in my mouth. With Master? That's a whole new world. If i could somehow find a way to make a pacifier in the shape of His cock, i would be in Heaven... and would never talk again, just suck while the real deal couldn't be in there ;) ha!


  1. Might I suggest a cock-shaped gag? My Daddy/Master got one for me and I've loved it! :)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. Ooo! That sounds lovely :) i will mention it to Him today! Thanks for the suggestion!

    i wonder if there is one you can mold to fit ... ya know, like custom cock gag ha!