May 21, 2010

Cheers for today

Today was my last day of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully, forever... but if not forever, at least for quite a while. i was really nervous to see how today would go, and i was determined not to cry. Well, a few hugs from the kiddo's, a few presents later, and some very, very, kind and loving words in the cards i received? And well, i started crying.

i am overjoyed to be a stay at home mom and slave again. Honestly, i know everything in our world functions better when i am at home. Master knows it, i know it, and i am certain the little one knows it ;)

Today also wraps up Master's first week of work in a while. So, i have a special surprise planned for Him! i am a little nervous to see how it goes over, but i am sure it will work out just fine.

See, Master is working second shift, so He doesn't get out of work until 12:30 am or later. Since we have one vehicle, He has been getting a ride to work, then i have been dropping the vehicle off to Him after i am done with work, then i get a ride home, then He comes home to a sleeping house when He is off of work.

Tonight? Nope. That's not going to happen :) Tonight, i didn't take the car to Master's work. Instead, i am making Him walk ;) ahahaha. That would be the death of me ;) No seriously, i have a friend coming to babysit, and i am going to get all dolled up, pack some new clothes for Master, and His cologne (in case He smells after a long night!!) and then i am taking Him to the bar for a few drinks and some hot wings :)

i know He is exhausted, so i am just hoping He appreciates this little surprise as something completely out of the ordinary. After all, this whole week He has told me how He is physically exhausted after work, but mentally? Not so much. He has a hard time sleeping. i am certain, after a few drinks, He will be sleeping just fine tonight ;) ha. And, since i am pregnant, He does not have to worry about who is driving or anything! Obviously, i am not drinking, so nothing to worry about :)

i am having a really hard time staying awake though! Oh man i am tired! i also have so much to do before the sitter gets here! i need to clean, and get myself in the shower and start looking all cute for Master!! Of course, not super cute, because, ya know, i wouldn't want to upstage Him in the looks department at the bar tonight ;) hahaha.

Master... i love You so much!!! i really hope You enjoy tonight as much as i am looking forward to taking You out on the town ;) Thanks for all the hard work You do for this family, and thank You for always being the rock we can count on. i am nothing without You :)

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