January 26, 2009

Interesting 24 hours

So last night, Master and i (and my mom!) went to the bridal store. We had all ready picked out one dress, but for some reason, i was still holding on to a dress i tried on a while back without Master there....so i wanted to take Him and see what He thought about the dress. Oddly enough, we ended up finding a different wedding dress that we both adored way more there....and it was $250 cheaper! So that was pretty awesome! So, then, it came down to paying for this dress. Well, for some reason, i decided to call my dad up (yeah... the one who just said he wasn't going to help at all with the wedding, and the one who walked out of my life when i was 3 years old) and guess what?!?! He helped me get the dress!! :) i was so shocked! My mom actually started crying! Here's to hoping we have a better father/daughter relationship together! Obviously, this is just the first step of many, but wow, i was just blown away. So that was a pretty great night!

This morning, i got the baby and myself ready for a funeral. That was pretty sad, but afterwards, my best friend and i did what we do best... shop! Yeah! So, we went to the mall....through some serious snow... in 4 and 5 inch heels.... lugging a baby around! (yeah, funny picture i know) It didn't take us long before we stopped and bought some flip flops! lol. We shopped and grabbed a whole bunch of stuff!! Pretty fun :) Started shopping for wedding night lingerie (ooo la la!) and a few surprises for Master for Valentines Day!

It was nice to be able to let loose and just have fun for once. i really needed that :) i am so refreshed, and am happy to be at home with Master tonight....hopefully, we can snuggle, and i can serve Him tonight. After a "lazy" day, i'm ready to do some serious service ;) heh heh.

i am excited to see how tonight goes with Master. i know He's tired, and His back is hurting, so maybe i can give Him a good back massage ;)

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