January 25, 2009

Updates... nothing too exciting!

So i have to start out by saying i joined this new group through our church (yes, we go to church) and it's for young-er/ish mom's. It's a group where you have older mentors (who are married women that now have grandchildren) and we meet once a month at one of the mentors' house. They cook a 3 course meal while teaching us how to make it (they also give the recipes!) and then while the food is baking,we discuss our lesson for that month (This one was on kindness to our hubbies, our children, and ourselves!) the other lessons are submission to your hubbie (or Dom haha) and loving your children, loving your hubbie, and loving God. It was so fun! i really enjoyed the group, and i cant wait for next month! lol. The only hard thing was leaving the baby and Master. i have only left the baby a handful of times, so that was difficult, also it's hard for me to leave and do something for "myself" if that makes sense. i dedicate all my time to my family and others, then when it comes time for me? Well, i don't allow that to happen. lol.

Also, i am very excited i have found a sub friend who, well, has a lot in common with me. i am so excited to see how that works out, and since we have a lot in common, it's easy to talk about things! i am really excited to see where this goes with that....you can tell she's very dedicated to her Master and her baby. It's really precious to see :) err read? whatever!

Oh, and so last night, Master and i didn't do a good job communicating to eachother. :( It seems to be a problem that started after my depression started when we had the baby. It seems like neither of us can communicate what we need without yelling/crying/throwing anger. Fortunately, we talked it out today, and actually took a step forward! So that's nice! i have seen so many changes between Master and i lately, i cant wait to see how things continue to change and go back to how they were before the depression and breakdowns. i just hope Master knows i am trying so hard, i hope He sees my heart, and sees how all i want is to please Him!

Well, that's all i can write for now, i am off to the bridal store to show Master another dress (we have one picked out but for some reason i cant get this one out of my mind!!) so, i am taking Him to see it! So wish me luck :)

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