January 30, 2009

Inside Men and Women's Souls part 2....(fakeout!)

Okay guys.... so i am not done with this post.... i had to run thanks to the baby :) BUT, i will be writing part 2....tomorrow :) heh...suspense! i know, it will kill you!

Moving on:

i have to say, i am actually quite disappointed with what i have seen on Fetlife so far. i just created my profile recently, and started posting in some groups (slave related groups) and i am severely disappointed. Maybe it's just me being "old fashioned", educated, and trying to have class sometimes. Maybe it's because i know what i want, and i've fought hard for everything i have gained. Maybe it's because i have an amazing Master who i really just sometimes forget how truly wonderous and smart He is when it comes to the lifestyle.

i log onto fetlife, hoping to stumble across a post that's actually not a "stupid question" and something i can really benefit from, and honestly, i would post comments on there, but i know i would come across as a huge bitch. i have never been one to classify myself that way, but i have never met so many (in my opinion) dirty, trashy, posers in my life! Maybe i am just missing it right now. i don't understand how you can praise infidelity and deceit.

Ahhh i have to contain myself :) i am not saying i think everyone on there is fake and dumb, but majority? That seems to be the case. i guess it would be no different than collarme or alt if they had groups and forums, but wow; just wow. And people wonder why BDSM is viewed so negatively. i seriously think there's something more here, but right now, all i am is shocked. Maybe i will be able to pin point it later and write more! Who knows. Something is just rubbing me wrong in some of those groups.

Oh, and libby dearest.... i am sorry i have not replied yet :( i apologize!! i have been thinking about you a lot though! :) Have fun with your sister tomorrow!!

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