August 21, 2009

A few lessons learned on a road never traveled

It's just after 3:30 in the morning. i had a good night at work, and i am feeling good about life. i have done a lot of thinking about things, and here's what i have learned since Master has been gone.

1. i have learned that no one in this world has my best interest at heart..... except Master.

2. i have learned that one bad apple does ruin it for everyone at work.

3. i have learned that being the nice person, well, sometimes that means the wrong people walk all over you

4. i have learned that sometimes, caring so much about a "friend" only leads to heartache

5. i have learned that trying to do a mans job (aka: remodeling the house!) while He is away is not the most genius idea (sorry now Master if You come home to a mess!)

6. i have learned that miserable women who are jealous of your relationship with Your man/Master will do anything at your expense to end it because of their own misery

7. i have learned that when two people love each other, nothing can stop it from working out

8. i have learned that there are genuine nice people in the world

9. i have learned to stand for truth.... even if in the moment people don't believe you, or that it seems you are being "punished" for it by someone (aka:managers at work)

10. i have learned that nothing feels right when Master is gone

11. i have learned that the only "safe place" is my home. In these four walls, all i should find is comfort, security, and love.

12. i have learned that everything happens for a reason... and while in the moment it doesn't make sense, that one day, it all will, and i will be thankful for the experience it gave me

13. i have learned that nothing matters more to me in my life than Master and our son

14. i have learned that while Master and i are suffering through the expense of a corrupt court system, that i will not lose faith, and i will trust that good prevails over evil

15. i have learned to believe that karma can kick some mean ass!

16. i have learned to believe in standing up for what is right.... even when you are standing alone

17. i have learned that by taking a step back from a situation, it never looks as big

18. i have learned that Master's love for me, and my love for Him is unbreakable.... just look at all we have endured

So i am sure there is more, but right now, that's all i can think of. Tomorrow will be hard. i need to talk to the roomie and i need to kick her out. It's not about waiting for money anymore, that's the least of my worries, it's all about moving forward, and keeping my house a nice, calm, cozy sactuary. If someone wants to ruin that, then they can get the fuck out! You took my dog, you tried to ruin things with my man, and you've started shit at work.... i'm not going to sit back and stay nice.... i know if i do, then Master will clean house when He gets home. Well guess what? For once, i'm not going to make Him look like the "bad guy" (even though He has no problem with that) For once, i am going to take charge of my life, and my family's life. No one will come between that. It amazes me when someone tries to upset my family, how quickly i turn into the "protective momma bear!" i guess something good has come from Master being gone? *shrug*

So, since i've learned a pretty big "lesson" so to speak, Master can You come home now? *giggles* It was worth a try ;) Only 12 more days or so til He's back.... i'm going to make it, and things are going to be okay!


  1. A lot of lessons learned, but many, many that I agree wholeheartedly with. Thanks for the post and the reminders.


  2. I have always been nice too, but sometimes niceness leads to misery. I am glad to see you have realized there are boundaries to being nice as well. Kick some ass!