August 18, 2009

In over my head?

So, Master and i are doing much, much better!! i have been planning a bunch of surprises for Master to come home to. You know, show Him that while He was gone, all i could think about was Him! Of course, with all these things planned, i am feeling totally overwhelmed! *sigh*

Let's see, the projects i have started are:

1. Completely remodeling/decorating the living room- this is a HUGE task because our living room is three times the size of most living rooms. That was our problem with it. It was too big, and not cozy or comfortable. So, i took it upon myself to start painting, purchase a new couch, and toss up some fabulous decorations.Oh, and get some new molding to go around the top of the walls. Right now, my living room looks like a disaster zone, but hey.... i have two weeks until Master gets home!

2. Our Bedroom- i wanted to surprise Master by actually paying attention to our bedroom. The kid's rooms are beautiful, the rest of our house? Getting there. Our bedroom? Well, it's boring, plain, empty, and definitely not a spot that screams romance and intimacy for either of us. So, i have found some paint colors, new bedding, restaining the dresser, hanging up the mirror, setting up a cage in the room (shhh!! This will really surprise Master i know it!) oh, and i found some cute quotes i want to paint up on the walls about love. i hope to have the room done when Master gets home, and have some cute lingerie laying on the bed since i've been working out and all (all though, i don't feel like i have toned up quite yet.... i will get there soon!) i also wanted to create a spot to have our toys in, and have my costumes that should be hanging up in the closet back up there for some fun play when He gets home.

3. Working out- i have been working out regularly for Master since He has been gone. Now, i have no excuses, i have enough time, and i wanted to start this habit now before it's even harder later!

4. Eating healthier- this has actually come pretty easy. i have been really surprised by how healthy i am eating, but i do still crave some yummy chocolate sweets sometimes!

5. The bathroom- well, i painted up a really cute quote in our bathroom, and i changed out the hardware in there to match the remodel. i still need to get a few things for the bathroom. i need to unclog the drain (drain-o didn't work... any ideas?!?!) and i need to buy some matching decorative towels, and a bath rug to step out of the shower onto that actually matches. That's all that's left in that room

6. The playroom- this is mostly for our son. i have missed him the whole time he's been gone, and i've cried many tears! So i want to have the playroom completely finished when he gets home. Sort of a gift to him. i have the walls mostly finished, i just need to buy some stuff to furnish it with, and finish painting the lower corner of the one wall.

7. Schoolwork- This has been difficult. i'm actually failing my class, but i am working hard on my final project to hopefully bring my grade up! i know this is one that Master really wants me to focus on... so i need to get back on track!

So yeah.... these are just some of the projects i'm into right now. Ugh! i have this huge tendency to get in over my head a lot. The only difference is i don't have Master to help me ;) i have to get myself out of this mess all on my own! haha! Oh goodness! Hopefully, i can accomplish all this in the next two weeks before He gets home and freaks out! i want Him to come home to a nice, cozy, comfortable house. With everything in order, and a slave who looks sexy and happy to see Him! Not a frazzled, sleep deprived, fat slave, in a house that every room is tore up and everything out of place!

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