August 28, 2009

These final moments

So where's the redone living room picture at? ha! Well ya see, it's still not done!! All though, it's looking so cute and i am really happy i started this hell-of-a-project! tehehe. i thought about posting a picture of it now, but i figured i would just wait until i am completely finished!

Master will be getting on the plane in a little over 12 hours to be on His way home! i am excited beyond any words i can spit out. i have cried a few times today because it's finally starting to sink in. This is my last night a-l-o-n-e!!

So i have been painting and cleaning all day, i have to work a 12 hour shift here soon, then i have the ex-room mate moving all her stuff out, then i have to get a shower and look all cute, then i'm off to the airport to pick up Master. Unfortunately, i have to work tomorrow, so i will only have a few hours with Him and our son :( but then i work Sunday, and off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday... so it shouldn't be all that bad! Lots of family time then! i just hope the adjustment back home is smooth for Master and our son. i have missed them bunches!

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