August 31, 2009

Mind blowing reconnecting sex!

Last night after the baby went to bed, Master told me to get my slave shoes on and some cute stockings. i came down the stairs and we talked for a while about some much needed stuff that needed to get out in the open. It was a little awkward for both of us as we both tried our past to change past behaviors of just getting upset and fueling a big fire. Instead, we both shared feelings, listened to each others thoughts/fears, apologized and moved forward. This in itself was a wonderful feat towards a better future between Master and i.

After all that, we both thought maybe, the other was too tired to do anything physical. i can not recall exactly what started the physical touches that lead to the next level but whatever it was phenomenal. All i remember was taking Master deep in my throat and gagging (and not caring!) as i massaged His balls. i also remember feeling Master taste me and allow me some serious pleasure down there that is usually quite the special treat. Master began whispering "go deeper kitten" in my ear. i quickly responded by allowing myself to let go completely and head to the deepest part of sub space. i remember feeling Master push against my asshole. i wanted Him in all my holes so bad. i craved Him in my asshole. He started pushing it in, and i was grinding back on Him trying to take Him all the way in. i have never felt Master that deep inside my asshole before. He started pounding into me as i was rubbing my clit begging for His cum inside me. i wanted to feel full. Master decided we would cum together, and when He commanded me to cum, i started squirting!! i was so shocked by this that i started yelling "i'm squirting!!" (Now, i find it kind of funny) As i was squirting, all i could feel was Master filling me up with His cum. Master then pulled out, came up by my face, held me, and told me it was okay to come down... that He was right here waiting for me. Usually, it takes me a little while to come back down, but this time, i came down pretty fast. i snuggled into Master and we laughed about the whole experience.... how intense it was, and how we both really, really, really, really needed that!

We snuggled with each other for a while then headed on up to bed. All i remember after that was curling up in His arms and passing out. Last night was the perfect night to let me know that everything is going to be okay. After last night, i remembered why i fell in love with Master in the first place. i am more than ready to surrender, and He is more than ready to lead me where i need to go. i cant wait to see what happens next..... i will post more later but have to go to work!

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  1. You made it!!! Glad to hear about the happy ending.