August 26, 2009

Ut oh!

i talked to Master today on the phone for a while. i am super excited to say this ... Master will be home on SATURDAY!!! Yay! Only three more days! And the super duper cool part is that i requested Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off from work, so i will have some time off to spend with them! (all though i have to work Sat and Sun!)

i am picking Master up at the airport Saturday around noon.... i can not wait! i am super excited! i cant wait to smell Him, love on Him, and just feel His arms around me tight in that big bear-like hug that i really, really, really have missed this past month.

So, now do you guys want to know why i put the title as ut-oh?!?!?! Well, i got this genius idea to redo the entire living room while Master is away. Why? Because, well, i wanted Him to come home to it looking nice and new! Ya know, i wanted Him to feel like i was thinking of Him and His tastes even though He was not home. i want Him to come home to something comfortable and cozy :)

So here's to the next few days of chaos until i go to the airport and pick Him up :) i am super excited!! Just two more days!

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